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KLK-AS IHK certified auditors exercise care in accordance with the importance of the task they perform and the confidence placed in them by audit clients and other interested parties. Auditing is characterized by reliance on a number of principles. These make the audit an effective and reliable tool in support of management policies and controls, providing information on which an organization can act to improve its performance. Adherence to these principles is a prerequisite for providing audit conclusions that are relevant and sufficient and for enabling auditors working independently from one other to reach similar conclusions in similar circumstances.

An audit programme may include one or more audits, depending upon the size, nature and complexity of the organization to be audited. These audits may have a variety of objectives and may also include joint or combined audits. KLK-AS auditors’ professionalism foundation is trust, integrity, confidentiality and discretion. Audit findings, conclusions and audit report reflects truthfully and accurately the audit activities of KLK-AS auditors.