KLK-AS Automotive services


Damage to finished vehicles costs money, time and customer goodwill. Careful management of the risks can improve all three. Where prevention is required, or damage does arise, we have a team equipped with the skills and experience necessary to process your order. Our objectives are consistent; reduced damages, reduced costs and the improved reliability of vehicle supply, which represents the interests of those involved in the finished vehicle global supply chain.

KLK-AS is at the forefront of technologies state of the art to improve the vehicle inspection industry standards. Its web-based automotive data tracking system combined with a customer call center, to ensure efficiency and customer satisfaction, is the quality tool to deliver figures and key performance indicators to customer, fitted to their needs.

Field inspectors are equipped with handheld computer having online capabilities that cut time from the inspection process and reduce costs. All inspectors use customized software to ensure vehicles and other value are inspected to a single standard. KLK-AS provide real-time data tracking and detailed reporting, to ensure, our clients receive swift electronic data analysis.